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We would like to invite you to discover the magic and charm hidden in each of the unique models of our latest collection of wedding dresses. COMO Collection. 


CORTE 2.jpg

Each dress in our Como Collection exudes elegance, delicacy and the strength of femininity. From romantic lace to smooth and minimalist styles. We have dresses that will emphasize your unique style and beauty.


Models from the Teide Collection are perfect for women who want to emphasize their sensuality and femininity. The dresses captivate with their elegance combined with a hint of extravagance. The collection is for the self-confident bride who appreciates fashion.


The Portugal Collection emphasizes the romantic nature of women. The dresses are perfect for weddings and wedding receptions in a rustic atmosphere. They are comfortable to wear and make brides feel completely at ease in them.

LAGUNA 1.jpg

The sets collection is an alternative solution for brides who do not want a classic wedding dress. Unique tops that combine with skirts and trousers give a modern and original look.

Our Atelier

The dress you choose is sewn in our Atelier individually for you, based on your measurements. 

At your request, we can also make minor changes to the selected model. Thanks to our individual approach, the end result is always stunning!​​

We want to offer you exceptional service in a pleasant atmosphere. To arrange a meeting, please contact us by phone. This will make it easier to set a convenient date for both parties.

phone: +48 512 165 065
H. Sienkiewicza 4/8, 
00-015 Warsaw

Possibility to make an appointment during the following hours:

Mon. – Fri. 8:00 – 18:00
Sat. 8:00 – 14:00

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